Definitly, Winning, Distinctively


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        Ever since 2006, "CF / SIK Wolf Way" , began organizing paramilitary nature of business events, gatherings of friends  in order to present to the public different leisure activities.
        "CF/ SIK Wolf Trail" company has been established due to improve communication of the members of the teams in informal atmosphere, gathering different types of people in common tasks fulfil, having fun.
 We are happy to provide your life with relief, excitement, new challenges and wonderful memories. 

        It is very important  your safety and the relationship during the organized events, so we  pay special attention to your safety during the tasks and adapt the program of the event according to the participants age and capabilities. 

        Our team members are the specialists having long experience in the Lithuanian Army Service.

        Our goal  is to provide you with unforgettable moments, to experience the extraordinary situations, to improve team work during paramilitary operations and enjoy your free time.

Our motto - "Definitly, Winning, Distinctively"